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Trustworthy Real Estate Escrow Services in California

Buying and selling property is all part of the American Dream. However, such a dream can quickly devolve into a nightmare if you do not exercise the necessary precautions. When you are getting ready to buy or sell your assets, make sure you complete the transaction with a team you can trust. At Capitol City Escrow, Inc., we are committed to providing real estate escrow services in California. Count on us to facilitate your deal.

The Advantages of Holding Property in Escrow

You worked hard to invest in real estate. Whether you are buying or selling, one thing is certain: this is one of the most important transactions you can ever make. Of course, closing on a deal has significant risks. For instance, you might be dealing with an unreliable buyer, or the seller might be a party to fraudulent activity.

To minimize these risks, it is crucial to utilize real estate escrow. An escrow agency serves as an intermediary in the transaction. They hold the real estate in a portfolio and will complete the transaction when both parties fulfill their ends of the contract.

Escrow ensures transparency in the entire process, protecting your assets and interests in the process. By working with our agency, you will be able to take advantage of these services. We will work with you and the invested parties to ensure the transaction proceeds as smoothly as possible.

We’re here to provide support in single-property transactions, as well as bulk sales in real estate. Request a consultation today to learn more about our services. We are based in Sacramento, CA.

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