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The Premier Agency for Holding Escrow Sacramento, CA

Protect yourself during risky financial exchanges by partnering with Capital City Escrow, Inc. We’ve been the trusted agency for holding escrow in Sacramento, CA, since 1990. As an independent company specializing in business transfers, we have experience you can count on no matter your circumstances.

Our escrow accounts allow you to hold funds safely and temporarily while you and another party undergo a transaction. We act as the neutral third party holding the escrow until the conditions of your transaction are satisfied. While we primarily assist with business transfers, our services are available for a wide range of situations. Contact us today to learn more about holding funds in escrow with our agency and the various solutions we offer.

Common Situations for Holding Escrow

There are many cases that may call for funds to be held in escrow, such as:

  • Business Transfers: When a business is changing hands, business escrow is commonly utilized to safeguard the transaction’s details.
  • Real Estate Sales: Most individuals are likely familiar with escrow in a home buying context. An escrow account will hold the funds until all the conditions of the sale are satisfied.
  • Stocks: Company shares are sometimes held in escrow for a period before being cashed out.

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