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Purchasing and running your own business is a massive undertaking and most are confident with the type of company you run. Some, however, are always looking for something more. Although your decision to start a particular business made perfect sense at the time, now you are looking to sell. Your decision may stem from either wanting to start a new company or branch off from your current field. Regardless of the reason, when you are selling or buying a business, rely on Capitol City Escrow, Inc. to help.

Our escrow company located in Sacramento, CA, serves as a neutral third party between the seller and buyer of your business, providing the key ingredient in making your escrow process a success. Our commitment to you is to provide professional, accurate, timely and efficient escrow services. Therefore, when you hire us, we will ensure that all buyers or sellers involved are protected equally. Any and all funds received, are verified and kept in safe custody for you, the seller.

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The Benefits of Working with Us

Furthermore, we gather all of the necessary funds, documents, and information when transferring business ownership, whether you are the seller or a buyer. Our services benefit both because it ensures that both parties will be paid in full and on time. Fees are based on, the type of escrow, the dollar liability, and the complexity.

Capitol City Escrow, Inc. prides ourselves on abiding by all of the laws required during a transfer. It's our job to handle everything down to the last detail to make sure your sale is safeguarded from fraud. Rest assured we have everything under control leaving you to focus on future endeavors. With more than 70 years as an escrow company, you can rely on Capitol City Escrow, Inc. with many areas of expertise including:

• Bulk Transfers/Business Transfers
• Liquor License Transfers
• Syndication
• Stock Sales

• Holding Escrows
• Real Estates/Exchanges

Contact us today at Capitol City Escrow, Inc. for more information on the processes we offer for any escrow company. We proudly serve Sacramento, CA and the surrounding areas.

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