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Our Experienced Escrow Agents in Sacramento, CA

When it comes to your finances, you want to make sure that your money is moving in the most secure manner possible. You may be deciding to make a large purchase or sale; however, you find yourself wondering whether the second party will be able to fulfill specific requirements needed to secure a property or other investment. At times like these, an escrow officer is very commonly used to propose a “third party” that is not the buyer or seller, one that both parties are confident they can entrust their funds to for a temporary amount of time.

Choose our escrow association to handle your finances; you can trust our experienced members to work with you when you’re preparing for a significant move. They will help you outline the general provisions, legal responsibilities, and limitations. An escrow details things such as the date in which the escrow was opened, an expected closing date, as well as the escrow holders’ information, license, and number.

You can rest assured that your money will be in the hands of a skilled professional. Below is a list of our escrow assistants and experts. You will find specifics about their specializations in the biographies; contact us today to make an appointment.

Donna Grady, CSEO, CBSS, CEI

As Co-Owner and President, Donna holds the professional designations of CSEO (Certified Senior Escrow Officer), CBSS (Certified Bulk Sales Specialist), and CEI (Certified Escrow Instructor).

Donna opened CCEI after 20 years of service with Wells Fargo Bank Escrow Division, of which 15 years were spent managing the Sacramento Escrow Department.

Donna specializes in the unusual escrow (holding funds and documents for all kinds of personal property transactions), bulk sales (business transfers), stock sales, bankruptcy distributions, and settlement distributions.

Pursuing her goal of being one of the top escrow agents in Sacramento, CA, Donna set herself apart by serving as President and Board of Director for the Sacramento Chapter of the California Escrow Association (CEA). In addition, she has spent several years on the Board of Directors for the Escrow Institute of California.

Timothy Grady

Timothy serves as the Secretary/Treasurer for the corporation. In addition to the Administrative responsibilities to CCEI, he coordinates the business development department, the newsletters, and marketing.

In his spare time, Tim dedicates as much attention to his grandchildren as he can.

Dallas Abbott

Dallas has been with our company since it opened in 1990. He started as a part-time employee during high school and has progressed to Escrow Officer, specializing in the intriguing world of business transfers, deficit escrows (pro-rata distributions), and the inventiveness of personal property transfers. He is also the Assistant Manager overseeing the day-to-day operation and daily accounting of the business.

In his spare time, Dallas coaches a BMX team, girls’ soccer team, and is active in taekwondo.

Ana Aguilera

Ana has been with CCEI since 2003. She started as an Administrative Assistant and has progressed to Escrow Officer, specializing in the intriguing world of business transfers and liquor license transfers. In addition, she is our escrow agency’s Accounting Specialist.

In her spare time, she enjoys looking after her two daughters, who are active in swimming and karate.

Administrative Assistants

Our Administrative Assistants--Lisa Penner, Kristi Zuniga, and Junior Assistant Austin Abbott--are an integral part to the smooth operation of the office and your escrow transaction. They help track the outstanding items required to close your transaction. Through their efforts, we ensure that everyone knows about the latest developments for all of our clients, one of the key factors in achieving a prompt close. Working with the Escrow Officer, they ensure that all of the details of your transaction receive the level of attention they deserve.

Contact us today to handle any escrow matter with confidence, backed by a team with experience you can trust. We proudly serve Sacramento, CA, and the surrounding areas.

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